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The CB Van Vorst Mattress Company invented the modern day mattress in 1888. Then, as now, we set the standard for building the most luxurious mattresses on the planet. Using practiced skills handed down through generations. Van Vorst mattresses have a reputation for outstanding craftsmanship, design, quality and innovation. Our wide range of products is designed to ensure a great night’s sleep for everyone.

Van vorst mattresses offer a luxurious procketed coil spring system which excels in the relieving pressure points by contouring perfectly to your body. We use only the finest quality, certified upholstery materials and exquisite performance fabrics for the perfect comfort and natural sleep. Why would you sleep on anything else?

Van Vorst Mattress


The Van Vorst Mattress Company is an American brand with its proud heritage dating back to 1888. Joseph Bernhard of the Bernhard-Mattress Company, and his son-in-law George Whitney Van Vorst, merged their collective talents to form the CB Van Vorst Mattress Company and began handcrafting premium mattresses in Los Angeles, California. Over the years the company came to be recognized as one of the finest mattress companies in the industry, both as a manufacturer and as a business entity. We strive every day to uphold that tradition.

The Van Vorst Mattress Company was known for reaching its greatest success by fostering exclusive brand relationships with well known retailers. Van Vorst himself coined the phrase that “the store is the brand”. Distribution was limited to select high-end retailers in key markets, and at one point the client list included virtually every major retailer in the western United States as well as accounts as far away as New York City. Van Vorst stood for the very best then, and it stands for the very best now.

Although the Van Vorst Company was well distributed throughout the United States and Canada, we never considered distribution in the Asia Pacific region until now. We are seeking potential manufacturing partners who are in need of an American brand with a proud heritage dating back over 128 years. We are passionate about our licensees and their accounts. Our doors are always open, literally and figuratively, and we stand ready to assist you, whatever your needs may be. From our ever-growing assortment of stylish, productive merchandising materials, classy branded bedding accessories and our highly effective marketing tools, we offer a complete package designed with one thing in mind—your success. Add to that our hands-on approach to building your business and Van Vorst stands by itself. We’d love to stand with you.

One last thing, and maybe it’s the most important one. We steadfastly believe in giving back. We are extremely proud to be a sponsor of a wonderful organization called You Can Dream, an organization devoted to one thing and one thing only—giving orphaned children around the world a bed of their own to sleep on. In an existence often fraught with poverty, abuse, pain, loneliness, and growing up wondering if life is worth it, we can give children one thing to call their own, and in doing so not only help them to grow up enjoying healthy sleep but maybe also give them something they have so little of—hope. When you see the look on a child’s face you know you’ve done something very, very special. What could possibly be better than that? We’d love to have you join us in supporting this amazing organization.

Please feel free to contact me if you have interest in knowing more about the Van Vorst Mattress Company.


Kent Lamoreux
Managing Director
Van Vorst Mattress Company

“At Van Vorst we measure our success by your success; we are committed to helping you succeed in every way we can”.

Kent Lamoreux